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eField Airborne Directly Detects Texas Gas

In a presentation today at the PPROA Annual Convention, eField Exploration LLC (eField) unveiled the results of the first direct detection survey of a producing gas reservoir by a Passive Electro-Magnetotelluric (EMT) platform. The High Resolution EMT Airborne Survey mapped the Rhombochasm Field at a depth of 8,200 feet, while flying 1,000 feet over the Texas Palo Duro Basin in Cottle County.

Ed Johnson, President of eField, announced that this key breakthrough in applied Airborne Geophysics is based on an R&D effort spanning 10 years. He noted that this development marks a major step forward that could have significant impact on the successful exploration for oil and gas. eField’s methodology has been referenced in publications that include the MIT Technology Review, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Business News, and the February 2007 issue of Upstream Magazine.

Johnson further noted that "eField’s technology enables airborne exploration, of up to 100 square miles a day, which can accurately detect the presence of hydrocarbons to depths of >20,000 feet.” The projected savings in cost and time, as well as the elimination of environmental damage caused by conventional surveying, will potentially enable the Oil and Gas industry to enter a new phase of exploration that has thus far been cost prohibitive.

eField’s EMT System:
eField’s new generation of airborne Electro-Magnetotelluric technology leverages advances in airborne geophysics, remote sensing, and forward modeling. Management anticipates that its 3D maps and advanced geophysical analysis generated by the eField system will be much more effective than alternative technologies in efficiently and cost-effectively isolating geophysical structures and rendering images of oil & gas.

The underlying technology of the eField system detects the presence of hydrocarbons by reading patterns associated with natural electric currents known scientifically as Telluric currents. Telluric currents are induced by solar energy and lightning that penetrate deep into the earth. eField’s airborne EMT System captures unique electronic anomalies that occur at the interface of water and dissolved hydrocarbons - an effect called Natural Field Induced Polarization (NFIP).

This approach is significantly different than technologies that rely on spectral imaging, gravity, or magnetic measurements. These and other indirect measurement systems, like seismic, require time consuming data gathering and interpretation methodologies that identify anomalies or prospects which may or may not contain oil or gas.


eField Exploration, LLC            Ed Johnson, President
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