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 eField Exploration, LLC Launches First "Direct Detection" Airborne Oil Exploration System

 Tuesday, July 11, 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Yorba Linda, California, July 11, 2006 - eField Exploration, LLC., a privately funded corporation, has completed their first "Direct Hydrocarbon Detection" airborne survey of 3100 lines miles with a unique and proprietary Airborne EMT System.

 Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

For the first time, the eField EMT (Electro-Magnetotelluric) Airborne system mapped 'Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators' reading natural telluric currents that penetrate deep into the earth.  The survey, for a Houston based oil company targeted hydrocarbons down to 20,000 feet and more. 

While the use of Ground Electric &  Magnetotelluric Surveys are important oil & gas exploration tools, no one has applied the science in an airborne system and focused on the natural electric filed.  Covered by several US patents, the eField Airborne EMT System is the creation of Dr. Anthony Barringer, credited by many as the leading inventor of Airborne Exploration Technology including INPUT (now flown as Megatem by Fugro), BP's Fluoroscan Airborne System and the Iontrace technology (purchased by Smith's Aerospace), now used at every airport worldwide for bomb detection.

 The Next Big Thing

eField's Airborne EMT System could be the "Next Big Thing" for the Oil & Gas industry similar to the impact Seismic had in the 1920's.  Airborne  " Direct Detection", allows real-time oil & gas exploration at a fraction of the cost and no environmental impact. eField's EMT Data Centre based in Orange County, California is fed with daily downloads from flight operations which can be visualized on the Web anywhere in the world. 

 Direct Detection From The Air

eField's Airborne EMT detects the presence of hydrocarbons by reading patterns associated with natural electric currents - Telluric currents which are induced by solar flares and lightning and penetrate deep to the earth's core.  Charges effects occur at the interface of water and dissolved hydrocarbons - an effect now called NFIP (Natural Field Induced Polarization) in the literature.  The accumulation of these charges and their migration to the surface (seep columns) is mapped by the eField Airborne EMT System.

 eField Airborne EMT Results

Specialized Geophysical Services

 Airborne Operations are provided by Airmag, a division of Keystone Aerial Surveys, one of the industry's leading geophysical survey companies with over 30 years of operational experience and a fleet of 12 aircraft.

 Cessna 320 Modified for the eField EMT System


Supporting the eField team in Data Processing is Bill Pearson of Pearson Technologies; Magnetics, Michal Ruder, Wintermoon Geotechnologies Inc., and Magnetotellurics, Karen Christopherson, Chinook Geoconsulting, Inc.

 "eField Exploration, LLC is committed to developing leading edge technologies for the Discovery and Recovery of Oil and Gas.  We believe that our Airborne EMT System will mark a new era in exploration not only for hydrocarbons, but also for uranium and diamonds," said Ed Johnson, President of eField. 

 Airborne EMT is a Direct Detection system unlike other Indirect Systems being launched that rely on spectral imaging, gravity or magnetic measurements.   Indirect methods like Seismic require time consuming  interpretation leading to many anomalies or targets that do not contain oil.  Direct Detection will significantly reduce costs and lead times to new discoveries.

 About eField: eField Exploration, LLC. is a private company incorporated in 2005 that was developed by The Edward Johnson Agency, Inc. a consultancy, that for the last 20 years has specialized in identifying new high technologies for development.  eField's Airborne EMT System is the result of a combined investment of $15 million over the past 10 years. 


Ed Johnson


eField Exploration, LLC

1 714 878 1978


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