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The Science

Ground based Magnetotelluric (MT) geophysical surveys are currently used worldwide to explore the deep structure and composition of the earth’s crust. The MT method is based on well-established theories published in the US and Russia and supported by successful field operations worldwide beginning in the 1950’s.

These Natural Electromagnetic (EM) signals or Telluric currents change as they pass through the earth and are distorted by the type and structure of the rock in their path. By recording signals in the 0.01 Hz to 10,000 Hz range, it is possible to determine the structure and composition of the earth. Each frequency measured has a different wavelength – each wavelength corresponds to a specific depth

Reservoirs are usually a combination of brackish water and dissolved hydrocarbons.  When Telluric currents flow through the boundaries between hydrocarbons and water, they develop strong interfacial double layer electric charge effects.  The accumulation of these charges results in an anomaly seen from the air by the eField Airborne EMT system.

In addition, over 75% of the world's petroliferous basins contain surface seeps. These seeps form plumes as these rise to the earth’s surface which are also detected as a result of the cumulative charge effect and provide additional valuable information on the location of the reservoir. Hydrocarbon seeps can be mapped using a combination of active & passive fluorescence detectors in addition to the Airborne EMT system both on-shore and off-shore.

eField Airborne EMT uses natural EM fields as an energy source rather than transmitting a high-energy EM signal.

With the sophisticated eField Airborne EMT System, natural fields can be used to map 3D subsurface structures, oil and gas deposits, and aquifers down to depths of 20,000 feet or more. The data is ideal for integration with 2D and 3D seismic, satellite imagery and surface geochemistry.

Very low frequencies available down to 1 Hz and lower provide unique data not seen by active systems.


eField Airborne EMT permits rapid three-dimensional airborne multi-depth profiling of the earth’s sub-surface geophysical characteristics. These characteristics include electrical resistivity and conductivity, interfacial polarization, dielectric properties and magnetization.

  • Natural EM fields penetrate 10 times deeper than artificial EM fields, 20,000 ft or more
  • Permits direct detection of hydrocarbons
  • Virtual Real Time 3D data production
  • Cost effective for reconnaissance as well as mapping producing fields
  • No environmental impact

eField Airborne EMT achieves high sensitivity and 3D measurement capabilities as a result of the development of a series of new sensing and measurement techniques for the electric and magnetic components of natural electromagnetic fields.

These techniques include new advances in suppressing the effects that are associated with minute amounts of linear and angular vibration of the sensors.

Airborne test surveys for oil and gas have been completed in the Denver Basin over two different channel sand systems and over two gas fields in the Piceance Basin of Western Colorado.

All of these fields show the development of vertical columns of resistivity contrast with the surrounding areas.

In the Piceance Basin, it is noted that these are heavily over pressured and in this valley area the water table can be as shallow as 80 feet.

For these reasons there is a very strong expulsion of water from the fracture systems over the fields.

This gives rise to clear dielectric contrast anomalies as well as fracture orientation effects in the "E" fields that highlight the "sweet spots" of production.

Papers and articles presenting the science and industry in more detail are available in the References section

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