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An Introduction to "eField Exploration, LLC."

Advances in electronics and innovations in geophysics led the move from ground to rapid airborne exploration for base metals in the 60’s. Ten’s of billions of tons of commercial prospects have since been developed worldwide.

Direct detection of Oil & Gas both offshore & onshore is now possible for the first time due to the development of the new eField Airborne EMT System – the result of an investment of over $15 million by a team of the world’s top scientists in airborne geophysics, remote sensing and forward modeling - all supported by a team of operation veterans including Dr. Anthony Barringer, the holder of over 42 US Patents for exploration including both onshore and offshore Oil & Gas.

Airborne Exploration for Direct Detection of Oil & Gas

With oil at $60 and more per barrel, the oil majors have accumulated financial reserves unprecedented in the history of the industry.  Funding of new technology has fallen dramatically behind needs even though companies are driven to discover new methods to reverse the decline in proven reserves. Existing exploration contractors have failed to increase capacity or develop new technology resulting in 6 to 12 month survey backlogs for even traditional airborne methods.

EField exploration, LLC. Is uniquely positioned to negotiate royalty overrides on all new production resulting from discoveries using the new EMT airborne system as the  technology is patented and the company maintains industry leadership in development of natural electric field sciences with 2 patents issued and 4 applied for covering both Onshore, Offshore and Ground applications. 

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