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Working with a Houston based Oil Company, eField has completed a survey of 3100 line miles over a variety of Oil & Gas targets in Texas.  Multiple data streams collected from the airborne platform as well a ground station were downloaded on a daily basis to the eField Data Centre based in Orange County California.

 eField Airborne EMT Results

The chart shows flight line data and Total Electric Field readings which in the first step of analysis are compared to the Total Magnetic Field.  Further analysis allows us to compute Apparent Resistivity and NFIP - Natural Field Induced Polarization.  The polarization occurs at the water-hydrocarbon interface identifying oil and gas anomalies from surface to 20,000 feet or more.

Oasis Montaj Features

The electric and magnetic field data reside in a custom developed database which then is interfaced with an Oasis montaj Software platform which has been enhanced to permit analysis of the multi-component airborne data.

Geosoft's Oasis montaj is powerful processing and mapping software for mineral exploration, oil and gas exploration, and earth science investigations including environmental projects and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection.

Map gallery - geophysical, geological, and other mapping software examplesUsing montaj, geoscientists can efficiently import, view, process, and share earth science datasets, grids and images within one integrated environment.

The Oasis montaj software package includes a rich set of built-in data import, processing, visualization, mapping, and integration capabilities. It features Geosoft's complete library of basic and advanced gridding utilities, and plotting functionality.

A variety of montaj extensions and montaj plus extensions are available for advanced geophysics and geochemical data processing, analysis, quality control and modeling, making Oasis montaj one of the most robust and comprehensive geoscience mapping and processing systems in the world.

The Geosoft montaj viewer enables you to share Geosoft data within your company, and the larger geoscience community. Software plug-ins are available for ER Mapper, ArcGIS and MapInfo, providing superior connectivity between your montaj mapping software and your GIS, remote sensing or specialized software applications.

Oasis montaj provides these key mapping and processing features:

High-performance database

Oasis montaj efficiently stores very large geoscientific data sets. It provides database support for up to two billion data points per channel. Access data directly through a spreadsheet window and an integrated profile display window.

Data processing

Rapidly assess and experiment with data in real-time. Run numerous filters and processes on data. Easily combine data and keep multiple profile windows open for comparison with maps. Work with collections of data points or treat individual points.

On-the-fly projection

Geosoft’s advanced projection engine provides on-the-fly projection. It can handle over 2,000 datums and projections.

Dynamic linking

Dynamically interact with data and evaluate results throughout the project lifecycle. Edit maps interactively, apply dynamic linking to multiple views of imagery, maps, profiles, data and metadata, and track map creation processes, all within one mapping environment.

Advanced gridding

Maximize your efficiency with fast, efficient gridding algorithms  optimized for large-volume geoscientific data. Interpolate data and produce grids using minimum curvature, bi-directional, trended, gradient, tinning and kriging gridding routines. Enhance and manipulate grids using a variety of grid processing tools and advanced grid utilities.

Professional map production

Work from a standard template or interactively create customized map templates, define titles, text, logos and colour bars, and include background graphics or images in each view. Quickly create multiple and varied types of maps, including gridded maps, surface maps, posted value maps, and sub-location maps. Templates are fully scriptable for power users.

3D visualization

Visualize your data in three dimensions. Drape a coloured grid or image file over a topographic surface or digital elevation model (DEM) grid Display multiple surfaces, each with own relief and contents, and each with its own orientation in 3D space.. Display any Geosoft map aggregate, which may contain a number of images, symbols and interpretation features, over a topographic surface grid. Display voxels in 3D views.  Generate a Geosoft format voxel from any 3D dataset, including drilling, for display in 3D environment.

Data-sharing with GIS and specialized applications

Plug-ins and data conversion options provide superior connectivity between montaj mapping software and GIS or specialized modeling applications. Software plug-ins are available for ER Mapper, ArcGIS and MapInfo. The Geosoft montaj viewer, available free of charge, provides a wide variety of grid format conversions, ensuring compatibility with leading GIS and specialized applications, including mine modeling and environmental software.

Oasis montaj also includes a Geosoft DAP client which enables users to search and retrieve geoscientific datasets, imagery and other map data directly from a DAP server on a local network or on the Internet.

Support for common mine planning formats

Import, export and use Datamine file formats. Surpac string and DTM file formats and 3D DXF format includes display ability in 3D, plan and section of string files and DXF, display of DTM and DXF in 3D and plan views and "slicing" of DTM files in section views (i.e. Oasis montaj interprets Surpac DTM as surface). Support also includes the writing of Surpac string and 3D DXF files from interpretations generated on section and plan views.

Unicode multi-language support

Display different language character sets within your application environments (file names, map layers, dialog box entries, database text strings, etc). Print to maps in foreign languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Display plan, sections and strip logs, as well as Geosoft database data, in native language character sets.

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