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The Science & Scientists

New Developments In Conventional Hydrocarbon Exploration With Electromagnetic Methods

Fast 3-D Inversion of Multi-Source Array Electromagnetic Data Collected For Mineral Exploration

Rapid 3-D Magnetolleric and CSAMT Inversion

One-Dimensional Inversion of Airborne Electromagnetic Data: Application to Oil Sands Exploration

Controlled Source Audiomagneto Tellurics (CSAMT)

Patterns Of Restivity Are Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

Multi-Frequency EM Method for Hydrocarbon Detection and for Monitoring Fluid Invasion During Enhanced Oil Recovery

EM Induction Workshop

Generalized Effective Medium Theory of Induced Polarization

Mapping Conductivity, Magnetic Susceptibility, and Dielectric Permittivity with Helicopter Electromagnetic Data

The Principles and Limitations of Geophysical Exploration Methods

Mapping Of Induced Polarization Using Natural Fields

MT Gauges Earth's Electric Fields

Magnetotellurics in Frontier and Reconnaissance Exploration

Natural Field Induced Polarization for Mapping of Deep Mineral Deposits: A Field Example from Arizona

Mining, Environmental, Petroleum, and Engineering Industry Applications Of Electromagnetic Techniques In Geophysics

Physics Of Airborne EM Systems

The Use of Quad–Quad Resistivity in Helicopter Electromagnetic Mapping

First Direct Hydrocarbon Detection and Reservoir Monitoring Using Transient Electromagnetics

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Biographies - A.R.Barringer

Recent Controlled Source EM Results Show Positive Impact on Exploration at Shell

Hydrocarbon Detection with High-Power Spectral Induced Polarization, Two Cases

Relations Between the Hydrocarbon Migration Chimney and the Electric Self-Potential Field

Telluric Current Definition: Description, Patents, References, and Further Readings



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